Bell, Alex W.

Sergeant Major AW Bell 1904

Sergeant Major AW Bell joined the regiment in November 1895 and was a Corporal by 1896 having earned a 1 year good service badge. He was promoted Sergeant in 1897 and was Sergeant Major in 1904. By 1910 the Regiment had 2 Battalions and he was listed as Sergeant Major of the 1st Battalion.


Former Svc:



Date of attestation: 6 Nov 1895


Timeline of service:

  • 1895 6 Nov taken on strength B Coy, Regimental Orders;
  • 1896 Cpl AW Bell awarded 1 year good service badge;
  • 1897 24 Mar, AW Bell awarded Sgt’s certificate;
  • 1897 31 Mar, Bell promoted Sgt;
  • 1897 22 Dec, awarded 1 yr badge (second yr);
  • 1903-04, listed as Drill Instructor Sergeant, Nominal Roll;
  • 1904, listed as Sgt Major in photo of Staff Sgts;
  • 1906, listed as Sgt Major in photo of Sgts’ Mess;
  • 1907, Jan 24, listed as Sgt Major, on paylist for the Guard of honour for the opening of Provincial Legislature;
  • 1910, listed as Sergeant Major 1st Bn in photo.

1904Sgt Major Bell


Group shots around the time of the England visit 1910

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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