Sarossy, Andrew L.

Captain Andrew L. Sarossy, CD

Captain Andrew L. Sarossy, CD – Sarossy joined The Queen’s Own Rifles in May 1971. In 1972 as a Corporal, he was the first member of the battalion to complete the Basic Parachutist course. In 1973 he served with the 3rd Mechanized Commando in Baden, Germany and followed this up with a further United Nations tour in Alexandria, Egypt during the winter of 1975-76.

After the Regiment received its airborne tasking in 1982, Mr. Sarossy completed the demanding Airborne Indoctrination course in 1984. He has made a number of memorable jumps including the Arnhem D + 49 jump in Holland in 1993 and the D+50 jump into Normandy in 1994.

Sarossy was for many years a devoted member of the Regimental Pioneers and Skirmishers, participating in activities at Ridgeway and Niagara-on-the Lake. Some of his most memorable and more gratifying tasks were as an instructor on many Junior Leadership courses. He has held every NCO position in the infantry battalion but also has enjoyed participating in historical activities.

He served as Regimental Sergeant Major from 1994 to 2001.

After receiving his commission, Sarossy served two tours in Afghanistan.  His first was as Senior Duty officer in the TOC (Tactical Operation Centre), and on his second in 2006 as an escort officer which allowed him to travel extensively throughout the country.

From 2007 to retirement in 2013 Sarossy was the operations officer for 32 Combat Brigade Battle School.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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