Smith, James F.

James F Smith KC c1890

Sergeant Major James Frederick Smith (KC) was Sergeant Major of the Queen’s Own from 1865-1866 and fought at the Battle of Ridgeway. He was born in Canada in 1840 to Scottish born parents, was Episcopalian and a Barrister by civilian trade. Smith and his wife, Alice, had seven children; four boys and three girls. He was called to active service in the Niagara Peninsula first in March then June of 1866 during the Fenian scare. During this time he served first as Sergeant Major then was promoted to Acting Ensign of 7 Company, he would have fought at the Battle of Ridgeway. There are no further references to Smith being in the Queen’s Own after June 1866.

  • Born: 1840, Canada
  • Former Svc: Unknown
  • Religion: Episcopalian
  • Trade: Barrister
  • Date of attestation: Unknown

Timeline of service:

  • 1865, listed as Color Sergeant, 2 Company’s Pay Sheet;
  • 1865, May 17, appointed as Sergeant Major;
  • 1866 March 15, listed as Sergeant Major, 2 Company’s nominal roll;
  • 1866 June, listed as Sergeant Major, 2 Company’s Pay-List;
  • 1866 June 1-19, listed as Acting Ensign, 7 Company’s Pay-List.

Two of Smith’s sons enlisted for action in the First World War;

Major Hugh Fraser Smith was in the Queen’s Own prior to the war and enlisted in the 83rd Battalion CEF under the command of Sir Henry Pellatt’s son LCol Reginald Pellatt.

Lieutenant Jeffery Filder Smith was in the Governor General’s Body Guard before the war and ended up in the 13th Battalion CEF. After surviving being wounded at Vimy Ridge he was subsequently wounded on a patrol, captured and died of wounds. He is remembered on the Vimy Ridge and the University of Toronto Memorials.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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