Atkins, George Franklin

1918 Sgt Maj GF Atkins
Sergeant Major G. Frank Atkins 1918

Sergeant Major G. Frank Atkins was a Sergeant in a photo of the Sergeants’ Mess in 1906 and is listed as BSM (Battalion Sergeant Major) in photos of the Mess in 1914, 1915, and 1918. When the Regiment expanded to 2 Battalions in 1908 each Battalion had a Sergeant Major and there was a Regimental Sergeant Major until 1922. In 1933 he won the QOR Rifle Association Cup where he is listed as Sergeant Major. In 1932/33 he was appointed as Regimental Sergeant Major.

1915Bn Sgt Major Atkins
Sergeant Major Atkins 1915












G Frank Atkins was a founding member of the Maple Leaf Club which still [2017] encourages shooting and camaraderie  among members and ex members of the Regiment by holding an annual shooting match and dinner. Atkins, sometimes referred to as “Brandy Atkins” was the secretary/treasurer from 1912 until his death in 1956. His 1933 shooting trophy, (seen below), was later used as an award to the best shot of the club.

Trophy and photos courtesy QOR Sergeants’ Mess


Staff Sergeant Atkins on the shooting team
Sergeant Major Atkins on parade (year unknown)


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