Delamere, John Morison

Colonel John Morison Delamere, MBE, ED, CD

Colonel John Morison Delamere, MBE, ED, CD was born in Stratford, Ontario on 17 November 1909, son of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Gillmor Delamere (1883-1945), president and financial agent of the Canada Poultry and Produce Company of Stratford, Ont and Miss Agnes Forbes Morison. He was also grandson of Colonel Joseph Martin Delamere, another former Commanding Officer of The Queen’s Own Rifles.

Delamere was commissioned in the Non-Permanent Active Militia in June 1927 and served with the Perth Regiment before transferring to The Queen’s Own Rifles.

On the 5 November 1928 he married Angora Isobel Rollins and they had two sons – Derek and D’Arcy.

During the war he served in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Northwest Europe with the Regiment and with various formation headquarter including the Headquarters of the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade .

In October 1950 he was appointed Commanding Officer, 1st Canadian Rifles Battalion, which he commanded after its re-designation as 1st Battalion, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada until September 1954.

On his retirement on 4 July 1963, Colonel Delamere was serving as Director of Militia and Cadets, Army Headquarters.

He died 15 Jul 1967 and is buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa.

Service Record

  • June 27 – Commissioned in the Militia with the Perth Regiment
  • 19 Nov 1927 – Qualifies as Lieutenant
  • ? Transferred to The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
  • 1940 – Commissioned a Captain in the Canadian Army (Active) and appointed Adjutant of the 2nd Battalion, Queen’s Own Rifles
  • 1942 – Proceeded overseas with the regiment
  • March 1942 – Promoted Major and served six months at the Headquarters 2nd Armoured Brigade
  • December 1942 – Returned to Canada to attend the Canadian War Staff course
  • June 1943 – Appointed General Staff Officer, 2nd Grade, Headquarters Pacific Command
  • November 1943 – Served on the staff at Headquarters 2nd Canadian Corps and later Brigade Major with the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade
  • 6 Oct 1945 – Mentioned in Despatches
  • October 1945 – Returned to Canada and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
  • 15 Dec 1945 – Made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (CG 50)
  • 1945 – Awarded the Efficiency Decoration (ED)
  • 1946 – Appointed Assistant Adjutant General in the Directorate of Organization
  • Oct 1950 – Appointed Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion, Canadian Rifles
  • September 1953 – Attended the Joint Service Staff College in England then returned to Canada
  • 16 October 1953 – Battalion re-badged as 1st Battalion, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada – continues to command
  • 9 Sep 1954 – Relinquishes Command
  • Appointed Deputy Military Advisor with the Military Component Canadian Delegation in Indo-China with the acting rank of Colonel
  • October 1955 – Returned to Canada and appointed Deputy Director of Military Training
  • 28 Jan 1957 – Awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD)
  • 23 July 1958 – Promoted Colonel and assumed the appointment of Director of Military Training
  • 30 August 1958 – Appointed Director of Militia and Cadets, Canadian Army Headquarters until 16 November 1962
  • 4 July 1963 – Retired from Canadian Army and transferred to Supplementary Reserve


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