Baskerville, Basil Grahame

J. Strathy, G Baskerville, c1995

Lieutenant Colonel B. Grahame Baskerville, CD was born 27 March 1935 in Coaticook, Quebec.

His father served in the Non-Permanent Army Militia from 1920-1930, with the Royal Canadian Artillery in the Canadian Army (Active) from 1942-1946, and with the Canadian Army Militia from 1952-1956. He also had a brother who served with the Royal Canadian Signals from 1949-1970.

After his retirement from the Regular Army, he worked for Public Works Canada and the Public Service Commission of Canada.

Baskerville was recruited to succeed Lieutenant Colonel William J. Barnard as commanding officer of the reserve battalion in Toronto from 1984-1987.

He died in Ottawa on 24 June 2022.

Service Record:

  • May-Sep 1952 – Canadian Officer Training Corps cadet at Bishops University and Royal Canadian School of Infantry (RCSI)
  • Sep 1952-Jun 1954 – Joined Regular Officer Training at RCSI
  • 1 Jun 1954 – Commissioned as Second Lieutenant and joined 1st Battalion, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
  • Sep 1954 – Promoted to Lieutenant
  • Jun 1954 – Served as Rifle Platoon Commander, Rifle Company Second in Command, Battalion Intelligence Officer, Pioneer Platoon Commander, Mortar Officer, Instructor Junior Non-Commissioned Officer School, and Liaison Officer to Brigade Headquarters
  • Jun 1957 – Aide de Camp to General Officer Commanding 1 Canadian Infantry Division
  • Apr 1958 – Reconnaissance Platoon Commander, 1st Bn QORoC
  • Sep 1958 – Instructor and supervising instructor for Recruit Training at Queen’s Own Rifles Regimental Depot
  • 10 Sep 1960 – Promoted Captain
  • Sep 1960 – Assistant Chief Instructor, QOR Regimental Depot
  • Sep 1960 – Student at British Army Technical Staff Course
  • Dec 1961 – Engineering Test Officer, Land Engineering Test Establishment, Ottawa
  • 1 Apr 1966 – Promoted Major
  • Jun 1966 – Officer Commanding “B” Company, 2nd Battalion, QOR in Calgary and Cyprus
  • Sep 1967 – Student at Canadian Forces Staff College Toronto
  • Jul 1968 – Equipment Staff Officer to Director Operations and Plans, Ministry of Defence, Accra Ghana (Member of the Canadian Forces Assistance Team)
  • Sep 1970 – Officer in Charge Equipment Test and Evaluation Section, Combat Training Centre, CFB Gagetown. Senior parachutist Combat Arms School.
  • Sep 1973 – Post-Graduate Student, US Navy Postgraduate School, Monterrey, California
  • Sep 1977 – War Games Section, DLOR, ORAE, Ottawa
  • 11 Dec 1980 – Retired from Regular Force
  • 30 Apr 1984 – Promoted Lieutenant Colonel and appointed Commanding Officer of The Queen’s Own Rifle of Canada (Reserve Battalion)
  • 27 Sep 1987 – Completed term as commanding officer and retired from the Canadian Forces.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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