Mountain, William George

Major William Mountain, CD

Major William George Mountain, CD was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, by his adoptive parents. 

Bill He tried to enlist in the army three times during the Second World War, but since his father worked in the recruiting office, he was unsuccessful because he was under age. Bill finally started his military career when he joined the Militia in 1946.

While working at Regina Photo Supply, Bill started dating the love of his life Evelyn, in 1950, while they both were working in the Photo Lab.

In 1951 he was recruited to join the Queens Own Rifles 27th Infantry Brigade, which was sent to Germany as Canada’s contribution to the NATO ground forces. Bill and Evelyn married in October 1951. They started their family in Germany on Canadian Armed Forces Base Hanover, with the arrival of Christine in 1953. Bill and Ev were posted to Winnipeg, where they welcomed the arrival of their second child, Linda in 1955. Enroute to a posting in Calgary in 1957, they welcomed their 3rd child, Sandra in Regina. 4 years later finds the growing family back in Germany, where they welcomed their fourth child, Guy into the family in 1961.

One of the highlights of his military career happened when Bill was chosen to be an usher at Princess Alexandra’s wedding in the spring of 1963. The family was then posted to Victoria in 1964, where they stayed until the summer of 1974. While the family was in Victoria, Bill did a 6 month United Nations peacekeeping tour in Cyprus and a one year United Nations peacekeeping tour in the Middle East.

As a member of the Queen’s Own Rifles Bill spent many hours at the parade square in Work Point Barracks and his kids we were able to observe the many styles of military parades. Their precision was so impressive.

Upon return from the Middle East, Bill was asked to pick his final posting. In the summer of 1974, Bill, Ev, Sandra and Guy moved to Tsawwassen for his final military posting, while Bill worked at Jericho Beach.

Bill was very proud to be a member of the Queen’s Own Rifles as was indicated by his house in Tsawwassen or “the regimental shrine” where many a Queen’s Own Birthday party was held over the years with quite the guest lists! We remember him getting together one year with some members of the Brigade of Gurkhas who were on their way home from the Falkland Islands dispute.

After retiring from the military in 1979, he became a courier for the CA firm Ev was working at, until complete retirement in 2001. In 2006, a wonderful event happened that changed his family. His birth family made contact. Thanks to the exhaustive work of Dallas Pederson, at the urging of his Mother, Bill’s Aunt Ruth, and the encouragement of Ev on his side, they discovered many of Bill’s cousins from his birth family that we had no idea existed. During retirement, he happily doted on his ten grandchildren. Toonies would magically appear from his pocket whenever a grandchild was near. 

Bill passed peacefully on March 12, 2021 at the age of 91 after suffering a stroke the day before. He joins his beloved wife Evelyn, who had passed away February 03, 2021.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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