McCabe, Howard

Major Howard McCabe, CD

Major Howard McCabe, CD, aka Paul Zmean to his regimental comrades, passed away in Victoria, BC on November, 1, 2011. Paul graduated from OCS in 1952 and began his regimental career when he joined 2 Canadian Rifle Bn, at Camp Ipperwash in October of that year. The next year the battalion became 2nd Battalion The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. He served with the battalion in Korea, from April, 1954, until it returned to Canada in April, 1955.

After a stint as a recruiting officer in Yorkton, SK, he returned to the battalion in 1957 and was part of the advance party for the battalion’s posting to 4CIBG in Germany. Paul served in various capacities with the battalion in Germany and returned to Canada in the fall of 1960 when the battalion moved to Currie Barracks in Calgary. He was promoted captain in 1962 and in 1964 served briefly with the peacekeeping contingent in Cyprus. Paul returned to Calgary in 1965 to join the staff of the Regimental Depot, where he was adjutant until 1967, when he was promoted to the rank of major and posted across the parade square to the 2nd battalion. He was commanding B Coy of the 2nd battalion when it was reduced to nil strength in 1968.

Paul is remembered by those who served with him as a delightful companion, quiet and careful, with a wonderful, wry sense of humour. He was a resourceful officer, a loyal comrade and a true credit to the regiment, which he served throughout its time as a component of the Canadian Regular Army.

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