Persons of Colour, Indigenous, and Métis Riflemen

This is the beginning of lists of Persons of Colour, Indigenous and Métis soldiers who have served with The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada.

Persons of Colour:

  1. Alexander, John Arthur Shreve (WWII)
  2. Brown, Rifleman Lester (WWII)
  3. Johnson, David Gibson (Reg Force, Korea)
  4. Moore, Robert Edward Elgin (WWI)
  5. Parris, Sergeant June (Reg Force)
  6. Thomas, Warrant Officer Stephen (Afghanistan)
  7. Turner, Sergeant Lloyd (WWII) 


  1. Amiskuses, Vincent – Kawacatoose First Nation – Saskatchewan (WWII/Peacekeeper)
  2. Bain, 868003 John Faquhar – Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (182 Bn WWI with 2 1/2 yrs previous service with QOR) 
  3. Beaver, Rifleman Arthur William – Alderville First Nation, Ontario
  4. Bressette, Lloyd Henry – Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, Ontario (WWII)
  5. Cada, Paul Senior – Sheshegwaning First Nation
  6. Carlson, Frederick – Ojibway (Korea)
  7. Chappise, #486620 Private Peter – Cree from Chapleau and Moose Factory, Ontario (3rd Bn WWI) †
  8. Dreaver, 886518 Corporal Joseph Sr. MM – Cree from Mistawasis First Nation – Saskatchewan. –  Band Chief post-war (107th –> 3rd Bn WWI, WWII)
  9. Eagle, James – Saulteaux Ojibway Valley River Reserve – Manitoba (The Memory Project interview) (Korea)
  10. Eagle, Norbert James – Ojibway from Ohskaning Reserve – Manitoba (Reg Force)
  11. Ewenin, Rony – Kawacatoose First Nation, Saskatchewan (Korea)
  12. Franklin,  201795 Private William H. – Mississauga from the Alderville Band – Roseneath, Ontario (95th –> 4th Bn WWI) †
  13. George,  Rifleman Harold Wayne (Reg Force) †
  14. Harper, Louis – Wasagamack – Manitoba (Reg Force)
  15. Jamieson, Corporal Harold – Oshweken, Ontario – Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation (WWII) †
  16. Joe, Percy – Shackan First Nation, British Columbia (Reg Force)
  17. King, SL163037 Rod – Lucky Man Cree Nation, Saskatchewan (Reg Force)
  18. Lavelley, 788954 Private Peter – Golden Lake Band, Ontario (130th –>3rd Bn WWI) †
  19. Ledoux, Phillip
  20. McLaren, Peter Bertram Dalton – Timiskaming First Nation, Ontario (WWII) 
  21. Morrison, Joseph – Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing (Big Island) First Nation
  22. Nahwegezhic, Rifleman Charles MM – Anishinaabe from Sheguindah First Nation (WWII) †
  23. Oronhyatekha (also known as Peter Martin) – Mohawk
  24. Runns, Fredrick Sr. – Nakota from Carry the Kettle First Nation – Sintaluta, Saskatchewan (WWII & Post war??)
  25. Ryder, Andrew – Nakota from Carry the Kettle First Nation – Sintaluta, Saskatchewan (WWII plus Germany 1949-1952)
  26. Smith, Frederick William – Chippewas of Rama First Nation, Ontario
  27. Stock, Rifleman Herman  – Haudenosaunee from Gibson Band [Wahta Mohawk] Sahanatien, Ontario (WWII – KIA D-Day) †
  28. Thomas, 9254 Private Charles A. – Haudenosaunee from Six Nations First Nation, Oshweken, Ontario (6th –> 3rd Bn WWI) †
  29. Thomas, 9255 William Sherman – Mohawk from Brantford, Ontario (23rd Bn with 6 months previous service with QOR)
  30. Wemigwans, B139461 Private Isadore – 3 Fires Confederacy from Wikwemikong – Manitoulin Island, Ontario (WWII)

Some information sourced from the Aboriginal Veterans Tribute List.


  1. Duva, Alcide Joseph Alzear (Post war Germany)
  2. Ferland, Rifleman Norman Philip (Korea) †
  3. Paquette, Joseph R. (1st Bn Reg Force)
  4. Riel, Sergeant I.J. (Reg Force) Great-nephew of Louis Riel


"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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