Barr, Walter John

Colour Sergeant Walter John Barr

Colour Sergeant Walter John Barr, was born in 23July 1856 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA, son of John Barr and Mary Gough.

  • By 1872 – Private with Queen’s Own Rifles
  • By 1879 – Corporal
  • By 1880 – Sergeant
  • By 1882 – Colour Sergeant

From a QOR Association Publication perhaps 1930 or 1931:

“The late Walter J. Barr joined the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada more than half a century ago, and his connection was not severed until his death.

He was an honourary president and honourary treasurer of the Queen’s own Rifles of Canada Association. He took a deep interest in the Association and carried on a correspondence with ex-members of the regiment practically all over the world. he was instrumental in inaugurating the Queen’s own Rifles of Canada Association Memorial Fund and in him the Association have lost a faithful and untiring worker.

Walter J. Barr was active in organizing the first Sergeant’s mess of the Regiment and was always proud to be called Colour-Sergeant Barr. Retaining his youthful figure until his death, he was able to wear his first mess uniform at the last dinner the sergeants of the Regiment held in their old quarters on University Avenue, when he was the speaker of the evening.

Among the prize-shooting trophies of the Regiment is the Barr Shield, which is competed for annually.”

Barr died aged 74 of prostrate cancer 9 January 1930 and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto: Plot V, Lot 41.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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