Brooke, George

Lieutenant-Colonel George Brooke was born 3 Oct 1820 in Canada to Daniel Brooke and Charlotte S Playter. He was a Barrister and no records of him being married are obvious. Brooke was Captain of the 1st Volunteer Rifle Company of Toronto and was promoted to Major and Battalion Staff when that Company became one of the original Companies that formed the Queen’s Own in 1860. He was thrown from his horse in 1862 during the Governor General’s inspection but recovered and retired from the military in 1863. The rank of Lieutenant-Colonel was likely honorary and granted on his retirement. He died 24 July 1866 and is buried in St James Cemetery Toronto.

Timeline of Military Service:

  • 1856, Mar – appointed Lieutenant of 1st Volunteer Rifle Company, Toronto, from 1st Battalion, Toronto, Militia General Orders
  • 1856, 21 May – Brooke is promoted Captain, Militia General Orders
  • 1860, 1 Apr – 1st Volunteer Rifle Company becomes 2 Company Second Battalion Volunteer Militia Rifles of Canada, George Brooke promoted Major and appointed as Bn Staff
  • 1862, 24 Sep – Major Brooke thrown from his horse breaking a leg during Governor General, Lord Monk’s inspection Queen’s Own Rifles Regimental Diary
  • 1863, 21 Aug – Brooke retires and is replaced by Capt Alex T Fulton from 10 (Highland) Company, Militia General Orders
Brooke family marker, St James Cemetery, Toronto

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"