Lakey, Francis

Corporal Francis Lakey; photo used with permission of Brian Rollason

Corporal Francis Lakey was a 26 year old shoemaker who served with No. 2 Company, Queen’s Own Rifles. On 2 June 1866 he was called out to challenge the Fenian invasion. Lackey was severely wounded at the Battle of Ridgeway,

In an unusual lack of reticence a newspaper article reported

“the ball had passed into his head through the upper jaw, breaking three of the front teeth and the bone of the palate, and lodging near the base of the brain. The ball was of a conical shape and very much bruised by striking against the bones of the head. Much difficulty was experienced in breathing, and there was a considerable loss of blood.”

Lakey died two days later and his funeral was held on June 13th in Toronto with that of Sergeant Hugh Matheson who also died of his wounds.

Jane Lakey, his twenty-six year old destitute widow received an annual pension of $146 ($3,898.20 in 2011 dollars.)

Lakey was buried in St James Cemetery, Toronto.

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