Robins, John

Corporal John Robins was born c. 1839 in England.

Robins fought at the Battle of Ridgeway but died on 25 February 1867 from “typhoid fever” attributed to his service during the Fenian campaign.

On 2 March 1867 No. 6 Company attended his service at Necropolis Cemetery where he was placed in the vault because it was winter. Cemetery records show he as interred 18 April 1867 in Plot M14, owned by Paul Robins.

[An acting Sergeant Paul Robins was wounded at the Battle of Ridgeway and we assume this is likely the owner of the plot but we don’t know exactly what the relationship was to John.]

Necropolis Cemetery Register showing entry for John Robins

As of 2022, due to efforts of the regiment, Corporal John Robins finally has a grave marker.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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