Hampton, Percy Reginald

Lieutenant Colonel Percy R. Hampton, ED
Lieutenant Colonel Percy R. Hampton, ED

Lieutenant Colonel Percy Reginald Hampton, ED was born in Cavan, Ireland on 3 May 1897, son of James Henry Hampton and Marion Eileen Goulding. He emigrated to Canada on 20 February 1914 having traveled on the steamship “Royal Edward”  and began working for the Canadian Bank of Commerce 24th February 1914.

In 1917 he joined the Royal Flying Corps and was eventually shot down behind enemy lines and served out the war as a POW. Lieutenant Colonel Hampton’s First World War flying log is part of the museum collection (see below.)

After the First World War Hampton returned to work at the bank on 27th December 1920. In 1921 he joined The Queen’s Own Rifles and would rise to become Commanding Officer before retiring in 1939. However during the Second World War he rejoined the Royal Canadian Air Force as a Group Captain and served in Canada.

He married Elinor Lois Fielding. Hampton died 2 July 1993 in Toronto at the age of 96, and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

Service Record

  • June 6, 1917 – Served as a Cadet with the Royal Flying Corps
  • 22 September 1917 – Appointed Temporary 2nd Lieutenant [London Gazette 12492 Supplement to 29 November 1917]
  • January 1918 – Proceeded to France serving with 62nd Squadron Royal Flying Corps
  • April 1, 1918 – Promoted Lieutenant
  • May 3, 1918 – Wounded in face and arm and feet burnt, and taken Prisoner of War. “C4744 Bristol Fighter – Last seen in spin on enemy side of lines on patrol.” [RFC Casualty Book]
  • July 9, 1918 – Was at Karlsruhe POW camp (International Red Cross Records)
  • August 28, 1918 – Had been transferred to Landshut POW camp (IRCR)
  • September 29, 1918 – Was now listed at Jagostadt POW camp (IRCR)
  • December 13, 1918 – Repatriated
  • January 27, 1919 – Arrived back in Canada aboard the Minnedosa
  • Awarded the British War Medal, Victory Medal
  • February 15, 1920 – Appointed Lieutenant in the Canadian Air Force
  • April 5, 1921 – Appointed Lieutenant in the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
  • January 29, 1923 – Promoted Captain
  • June 3, 1924 – Promoted Major
  • 1927 – Passed Militia Staff Course
  • September 9, 1932 – Appointed 2nd in Command, 2nd Battalion
  • April 14, 1935 – Appointed to Command 1st Battalion and promoted Lieutenant Colonel
  • 1935 – Awarded King George V Silver Jubilee Medal
  • 1935 – Accompanied Queen’s Own Rifles attachment to England for Silver Jubilee
  • April 15, 1937 – Appointed to command Queen’s Own Rifles on re-organization
  • 1937 – Awarded King George VI Coronation Medal
  • 1938 – Awarded the Efficiency Decoration
  • April 13, 1939 – Retired as Commanding Officer
  • During the Second World War, served in the Royal Canadian Air Force with the rank of Group Captain. Commanded Commonwealth Air Training Base at Trenton, Ontario for part of the war.

Below are some artifacts in our collection related to LCol Hampton:


01062 Sopwith Camel Model 01018 Percy Hampton Logbook Cover 01018 Percy Hampton Logbook inside 01017 Percy Hampton Transfer Card Cover 01017 Percy Hampton Transfer Card inside 01016 Percy Hampton Shadow Box Then Lieutenant Percy Hampton, ED Royal Flying Corps, First World War

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