BAUMAN, Lincoln S.

020200221_0016Lincoln S. Bauman was born on November 23, 1929 in Hawkesville, Ontario.

He enlisted in the Army on February 2, 1952. He served with the 2nd Battalion, Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada during the Korean War. He completed his basic training at Camp Borden and his flamethrower course in Camp Valcartier.

He had hoped to serve in Germany as he was a fluent speaker of the Pennsylvania Deutsch dialect; however, the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada were the last Canadian Battalion posted to Korea. He was a rifleman, a driver and a runner. His last three months in Korea were spent in a tent with a Provost Corporal, watching movies and syphoning gas to keep their motor running to stop water from freezing in the cold February weather.

He was discharged on July 18, 1955. Lincoln has been a member of Fred Gies Legion Branch 50 for 41 years.

From RCL Magazine.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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