Things To Do From Home

Stuck at home with the kids for the foreseeable future? We’ve added some QOR-related items you can do with them (or just on your own!)

Pages you can print out to colour
  1. 1980s Drum Sergeant (pdf)
  2. 1860’s Rifleman (pdf)
  3. 1899 Rifleman (pdf)
  4. 1910 Mounted Officer (pdf)
  5. 1943 Riflemen on Bren carrier (pdf)
  6. Sir Henry Pellatt (pdf)
  7. 1893 University Avenue Armoury Toronto (pdf)
Online jigsaw puzzles (wait while the first page loads)
  1. HRH Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and QOR Colonel-in-Chief (Hard)
    You can find out more about our Honorary Officers here.
  2. Colonel William Smith Durie, First Commanding Officer (Hard)
    Read more about Colonel Durie.
  3. Major General Sir Henry Pellatt (Very Hard)
    Read more about Sir Henry Pellatt, our longest serving Commanding Officer and the builder of Casa Loma.
  4. Afghanistan Dust (Very Hard)
    See more Afghanistan photos on our Flick site.
  5. QOR in Cyprus (Medium)
    Read about Rifleman P.J. Hoare who died in a military vehicle accident while serving in Cyprus.
  6. QOR in Cyprus (Very Hard)
    Did you know both the 1st and 2nd Battalion’s QOR served six-month tours in Cyprus?
Explore the history of our Regiment through historical timelines

These are very much works in progress but contain an amazing wealth of information.

Explore our online collections database

You can find it here.  Use keyword search to find a particular topic or click on random images and see where they take you!

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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