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1914 Pellatt Album

Lately we have featured a number of historic photo albums from our collection and today we have another one. In 1914 the officers of the regiment (which then consisted of two battalions and an RHQ) presented the Colonel Sir Henry Pellatt with a beautiful leather covered photograph album of officers in the regiment. Most of the 21 pages have three or four photographs on them and they are shown in order based on the date of their commission and are beautifully presented with colourful calligraphy.

Once again our volunteer photography Capt (Ret) Larry Hicks, has skillfully photographed each of the album pages but has also edited each photo individually as well.

You can find both photo galleries here.

Page 16

QOR Regular Force Photo Albums

IMG_9383As we continue to catalog and photograph our collection, we’d like to share three photo albums of the QOR Regular Force Battalions:

The albums have been photographed by one of our regular volunteers, Capt (Ret) Larry Hicks.

If you can help us, we strongly encourage you to comment on a specific photo to identify dates, people, places, or occasions!