Smith, Harry Eden

Major Harry Eden Smith
Major Harry Eden Smith

Major Harry Eden Smith, son of architect Eden Smith, was born in Kings Norton, Warwickshire, England on May 25, 1882 and attended Upper Canada College from September 1898 to April 1900.

Major Smith was also an architect working in Smith and Son and served in the Queen’s Own Rifles for over 20 years.  On April 22, 1915 he joined the 35th Battalion, recruited from the Queen’s Own Rifles, which he helped organize and went overseas on June 3rd. Smith was then given charge of a reinforcement draft to the 3rd Battalion, arriving in France July 22, 1915.

He was invalided to England on December 31st, 1915.

  • 2nd C.R., Staff Capt., April, 1916;
  • Despatches, February 1917;
  • D.A.A. and Q.M.G., Shorncliffe and Shoreham;
  • D. A. A. G., Seaford, 1918;
  • Returned from overseas, October 3, 1919;
  • Discharged, October 12, 1919.
Major Harry Eden Smith's First World War Attestation Paper
Major Harry Eden Smith’s First World War Attestation Paper

Smith died in 1959 and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

Smith, Harry Eden gravestone

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