Miller, Albert A.

Then Captain (later Colonel) A. A. Miller
Then Captain (later Colonel) A. A. Miller

Lieutenant Colonel Albert A. Miller was the 4th Commanding Officer of the Queen Own Rifles from December 21, 1883 to February 4, 1887. He served with the QOR for twnty years including service during the Pilgrimage Riots (1875) and the Belleville Riots (1877) where he was slightly wounded in the head. He commanded the QOR during the Northwest Rebellion (1885).

Service Record

  • January 1867 – Rifleman
  • March 1867 – Lance Corporal
  • January 1868 – Corporal
  • June 12, 1868 – Lieutenant
  • January 13, 1971 – Promoted Captain
  • January 13, 1876 – Promoted Brevet Major
  • January 28, 1881 – Gazetted Major
  • December 21, 1883 – Appointed Commanding Officer
  • February 29, 1884 – Promoted Lieutenant Colonel
  • February 5, 1887 – Retired
Lieutenant Colonel A.A. Miller – Fourth Commanding Officer, 1883-1887. The original 43.5″ x 31″ oil on canvass mounted on panel painting by celebrated Canadian portrait artist John Wycliffe Lowes Forster, hangs in the Queen’s Own Rifles Officers’ Mess. Photo by Christopher Lawson, June 17, 2010.

2 thoughts on “Miller, Albert A.”

  1. Is anything known of the personal life of Col. A.A. Miller? His children if any? There was a Lawrence Miller serving in the QOR during the Northwest campaign of 1885 — his campaign diary is at the National Archives in Ottawa. Were they related?

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