A nice Military Cross and Mentioned-in-Despatches group of four to Capt/Lt Col J.S.M.A.H. Lyne-Evans of The Royal Canadian Regiment. The Military Cross (M.C.) and British War Medal have frayed ribbons and the group is mounted as worn. The M.C. (identified in London Gazette (L.G.) Issue 23/6/15 is not named) and is one of the first of this decoration awarded and the first to The RCR. The 1914/15 star is named Capt. J.H. Lyne-Evans, 3/Can Inf: and the War & Victory (MID L.G. 22/6/15) medals are named Lt. Col. J.H. Lyne-Evans. Lt Col Lyne-Evans had previous service with the 17th Lancers (no medals) and joined The RCR 2/2/1912. While the The RCR did garrison duty in Bermuda the 1st Contingent, CEF, was preparing to head overseas and Lyne-Evans was seconded to the 12th Canadian Infantry as Captain and Adjutant in 1914. His MC and MID were awarded while he was with the 3rd Can Inf and he was wounded in the Second Battle of Ypres as mentioned on page199 and 208 of the Regiment’s history, The Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1933 by R.C. Fetherstonhaugh. He is also mentioned in the book, The Official Story of The Canadian Expeditionary Force Vol 1. on page 99 as having gone out into no man’s land with a volunteer to rescue Captain Muntz. If I read this correctly, this rescue was during the battle of Festubert. Although Lyne-Evans was awarded his MC on the occasion of His Majesty’s Birthday (no citation) it is likely that his actions in battle warranted some notice.

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