Clarke, Francis

Bugle-Major Francis Clarke was Born in Ireland in 1814. He was Roman Catholic, and his occupation was listed as Store Keeper in 1866 and the 1868 Nominal Roll listed him as married. He enrolled in the 2nd Battalion Volunteer Militia Rifles of Canada in December, 1861 as a Bugler in No. 5 Company. He served in 5 Company during the Fenian Raids of 1866 and was likely with them during the Battle of Ridgeway on June 2. Number 5 Company was the lead Company during the Battle and the first to engage the Fenians that day with their newly issued, rapid firing Spencer Repeaters. By 1867 he was appointed as Bugle-Major, a position he held until 1877.

Record of Military Service:

  • 1861, Dec enrolled QOR, (5 Coy Nom Roll Nov 1867);
  • 1866, 15 March, listed as Bugler in 5 Company’s Nominal Roll, born in Ireland, R Catholic, Store Keeper, and 52 years old;
  • 1867, January, listed as Bugle-Major, 5 Company’s Nominal Roll;
  • 1868, listed as married 5 Coy Nom Roll;
  • 1877, listed as Bugle-Major E Coy Paylist.

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