Bushell, Arthur Jackson

Major Arthur Jackson Bushell
Major Arthur Jackson Bushell during WWII

Major Arthur Jackson Bushell was born in Toronto on 10 May 1891, son of Walter Bushell and Harriet Jackson.

He joined The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada circa 1909 and participated in the 1910 trip to England to participate in training with the British Army.

When the First World War was declared, he joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force – twice- and was wounded at Passchendaele before being discharged as medically unfit.

Bushell continued his service with the militia in the Toronto Regiment, formed in 1920 primarily from returning soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force.  And he continued to serve with the Royal Regiment of Canada after its formation in 1936 from the amalgamation of the Toronto Regiment and the Royal Grenadiers.

On 18 Jun 1923 Bushell married Gertrude Leah Rowlison in Toronto and in 1928 they would have son Douglas.

He joined the active Canadian army at the outbreak of hostilities in 1939 and was recognized at an early stage as “fine officer material”. On December 6, 1941, Major Bushell was assigned to Camp X (a Special Operations Executive training camp) as the Adjutant-Quartermaster and the Commanding Officer’s right hand man. A Canadian, Bushell’s responsibility was to be the liaison with the Canadian NCO’s and with the British Officers to ensure that things operated smoothly at the Camp.

He died ? and is buried in Park Lawn Cemetery ,Toronto.

Service Record

  • Circa 1909 he joins The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
  • 1910 – Participates (as a private) in the trip to England to train with the British Army during their summer maneuvers
  • 22 Sep 1914 – Enlisted with the 3rd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force
  • In the original 3rd Battalion nominal roll, he is listed as a Sergeant with No 2 Company.
  • Traveled to England with the 3rd Battalion
  • 30 Jan 1915 – Transferred to 9th Battalion
  • 23 Feb 915 – Discharged as medically unfit due to rheumatism in his shoulder
  • He stays in England and is employed as a civilian with the Pay and Records Office
  • 14 May 1915 – Re-enlists as a clerk and posted (again with the rank of Sergeant) to the Pay and Records Office.
  • Dec 1915 – Treated for influenza
  • 7 Jun 1917 – Takes reduction in rank to Lance Corporal in order to see active service and proceeds to France
  • 6 Nov 1917 – Receives serious shrapnel wound to his leg during the Battle of Passchendaele.
  • Spent several months in hospitals
  • 3 Aug 1918 – Discharged again as medically unfit.
  • Post War joined the Toronto Regiment militia unit
  • WWII – ?
  • 1942-1944 – Posted to SOE Camp X in Oshawa as Adjutant/Quartermaster
The Staff at Camp-X (1943-1944)
At Camp X in 1943 or 44. Bushell is third from the right.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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