1945 Officers Dinner in Amersfoort Holland

1945 Officers Dinner in Amersfoort Holland

Front Row (left to right):
LCol J N Medhurst, OBE, ED (CO 4 Bn QOR of C); LCol E Sisons; Col J G K Strathy; Brigadier J. G. Spragge, DSO, ED (Comd 1 CBR G); LCol S M Lett, DSO (CO 1st Bn QOR of C); Brigadier J A Roberts (Comd 8 Cdn Inf Bde); LCol A G Gherrier; LCol J N Gordon (CO 1st Bn North Short Regiment); Major J P Secord; LCol W E Bawden.

Second Row (left to right):
LCol G F C Pangman OBE, ED; Major J L Stewart; Major W A Robertson; Major J M Delamere; Major D J LeQuesne; Major H E Dalton; Major W J Weir, MBE; Major J I Mills, LCol R A Haris; LCol D A Keith, OBE; Major F L J Grout.

Third Row (left to right):
Capt S S Score; Capt P C Rea; Capt J L Pond; Major B Dunkleman, DSO; Major A G MacDonald; Major J R H Morgan, MBE; Capt H C F Elliot; Capt A W Dunbar; Capt M G McIver; Capt C S Stewart.

Fourth Row (left to right):
Capt R A Gauthier; Capt J G Haynes; Capt F H Medcalf; Capt J H Peters; Capt D B Hamilton; Capt W G A Gillespie; Capt J C Beatty, Capt W A Hillcoat; Capt J S Choppin; Capt R L Bickford.

Fifth Row (left to right):
Supvr R H Davison; Lt G D Chambers; Capt A M Deans, MC; Lt G R Woods; Lt W R Campbell; Capt J F Walden; Lt W B Ecclestone; Lt H A Creates; Supvr T W Nonahan.

Back Row (left to right):
Lt L C McKay, MC; Lt W R Butterfield; Lt J W Moody; Capt W G Harvey; Lt W P Grassick; Lt S R Robertson; Lt N A Manchester; Capt W F A Davies; Lt W H Cairns; Lt G H G Creagn; Lt W J West; Lt A E Chalklin; Lt M I Jackson.

7 thoughts on “1945 Officers Dinner in Amersfoort Holland”

  1. My dad is Capt. F.H. Medcalf (4th row). One of his best friends, during and after the war, was Jack Secord!
    My dad wrote a diary of his time in England pre June 6/44, being in charge of a landing on June 10/44 and the rest
    of his time with QOR until the end of the war. Any interest in having a copy?


  2. I am trying to find out more about my father’s military life. He is seated in the 1st row, 2nd from the right – Major J P Secord. Are you able to provide me with any resources where I might find such info? Thank you.


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