1945 Officers Dinner in Amersfoort Holland

1945 Officers Dinner in Amersfoort Holland

Front Row (left to right):
LCol J N Medhurst, OBE, ED (CO 4 Bn QOR of C); LCol E Sisons; Col J G K Strathy; Brigadier J. G. Spragge, DSO, ED (Comd 1 CBR G); LCol S M Lett, DSO (CO 1st Bn QOR of C); Brigadier J A Roberts (Comd 8 Cdn Inf Bde); LCol A G Gherrier; LCol J N Gordon (CO 1st Bn North Short Regiment); Major J P Secord; LCol W E Bawden.

Second Row (left to right):
LCol G F C Pangman OBE, ED; Major J L Stewart; Major W A Robertson; Major J M Delamere; Major D J LeQuesne; Major H E Dalton; Major W J Weir, MBE; Major J I Mills, LCol R A Haris; LCol D A Keith, OBE; Major F L J Grout.

Third Row (left to right):
Capt S S Score; Capt P C Rea; Capt J L Pond; Major B Dunkleman, DSO; Major A G MacDonald; Major J R H Morgan, MBE; Capt H C F Elliot; Capt A W Dunbar; Capt M G McIver; Capt C S Stewart.

Fourth Row (left to right):
Capt R A Gauthier; Capt J G Haynes; Capt F H Medcalf; Capt J H Peters; Capt D B Hamilton; Capt W G A Gillespie; Capt J C Beatty, Capt W A Hillcoat; Capt J S Choppin; Capt R L Bickford.

Fifth Row (left to right):
Supvr R H Davison; Lt G D Chambers; Capt A M Deans, MC; Lt G R Woods; Lt W R Campbell; Capt J F Walden; Lt W B Ecclestone; Lt H A Creates; Supvr T W Nonahan.

Back Row (left to right):
Lt L C McKay, MC; Lt W R Butterfield; Lt J W Moody; Capt W G Harvey; Lt W P Grassick; Lt S R Robertson; Lt N A Manchester; Capt W F A Davies; Lt W H Cairns; Lt G H G Creagn; Lt W J West; Lt A E Chalklin; Lt M I Jackson.

6 thoughts on “1945 Officers Dinner in Amersfoort Holland”

  1. I am trying to find out more about my father’s military life. He is seated in the 1st row, 2nd from the right – Major J P Secord. Are you able to provide me with any resources where I might find such info? Thank you.

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