Fenian Raids Mural

Queen’s Own Rifles, painted by John Hood, Mural in Oshawa, Ontario, Photo by J. Gray (2008)

Queen’s Own Rifles, painted by John Hood,
Mural in Oshawa, Ontario,
Photo by J. Gray (2008)

2 thoughts on “Fenian Raids Mural”

  1. Actually – this mural depicts aspects of the history of the “Ontars” – the Ontario Regiment which is quartered in Oshawa. It’s earliest incarnation was as the 34th “Ontario Battalion of Infantry” in 1866 – at the time of the Fenian raids. Members of the battalion received the Canad General Service Medal 1866-70 with bar “Fenian Raid 1866” pictured on the mural (see above – as well as period cap badge and embroidered regalia).

    The 34th was a militia battalion, and at that time in Canada rifle drill was very popular, and like many of the militia organization then forming, the 34th chose to officially adopt rifle drill and dress, rather than the drill and uniform of a line battalion.

    As a result they slung their rifles barrel down/butt up in the rifle fashion, and wore forest green with black leather equipment rather than the red coat and white belts of line organization. By the time of the Riel rebellion they had changed to line drill.

    So in fact, this image gives a very good impression of what the QOR would have looked like in 1866 – exactly similar except for the cap badges and possibly the head gear style, and as such I think it’s very appropriate for it to be featured here.

    I also painted a mural in Scarborough, Ontario which shows the Scarborough Rifle Company, and their ceremonial drum and buglers sword – both of these units were influenced by the elite status of the QOR, which predated them by about 3 years as I recall.

    I’m very honoured to have some of my work featured on the online Regimental Archive of this storied unit – thanks very much – In Pace Paratus.

    John Hood

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