1860 Club D-Day Dinner

On 6 June 2022, the QOR Regiment’s 1860 Club held a formal dinner for 200 guests at Casa Loma, the home of the Regimental Museum and Archive since 1970.

Several exhibits were on display during the pre-dinner reception including the memorial banners of all our fallen since 1866, several recently acquired 1860’s era uniform pieces, banners on the QOR’s D-Day and WWII participation, and some D-Day items including the pistol carried by CSM Charlie Martin.

Throughout the dinner, several vignettes from D-Day Veterans were read by various attendees – several of which were moving descriptions of their beach landings and of losing close friends and relatives.

And once again, the museum’s Photograph Officer Anne Frazer captured the event with some amazing photographs. Click on the photo below to see them on our Museum’s Flickr site.

The QOR's 1860 Club 2022 D-Day Dinner held at Casa Loma
Click on the image above to see the photographs taken at this event by the Museum’s official photographer, Anne Frazer.

4 thoughts on “1860 Club D-Day Dinner”

  1. It was a great dinner and a fantastic tribute to those Queen’s Own that landed on D Day. I was fortunate to meet and get to know many of our D Day Veterans over the years after I joined in 1961.


  2. My father Bugle Major Robert (Bob) Wilson landed with the Regiment on D Day. The QOR played a great role in his life serving with the Regiment for 30 years. It therefore brings back numerous memories to me.


  3. Beautiful pictures!!

    On D-Day, my dad, James (Jimmy) Wilkins, landed on the beach as a member of 10 Platoon, B Coy. Wounded on the beach, he always said D-Day was the luckiest day of his life. He survived the carnage on the beach, many of his close friends didn’t. Dad’s first trip back (the 40th Anniversary trip) to see the beach and visit old friends buried in Beny-sur-Mer was very emotional for him. There were many more return trips, all very emotional. I was very fortunate to accompany him more than once, along with other family members. Normandy is always close to our hearts. We will remember them!


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