CWO Scott F. Patterson CD

Commanding Officer’s Statement on the Death of
Chief Warrant Officer Scott F. Patterson CD

To my fellow Riflemen and friends of the Regiment:

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I announce the passing of a dedicated and beloved member of The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada: Chief Warrant Officer Scott F. Patterson CD. He passed away while surrounded by family and friends at Sunnybrook Hospital on Wednesday February 10th 2016, after battling cancer over the last year.

The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada mourns the loss of one of our own and we wish to express our deepest sympathies to his family and friends who are mourning with us today.

‘Paddy’ was well liked and respected by everyone who knew him. His dedication to the Regiment and Canadian Armed Forces was unwavering, his loyalty to his friends and family unmatched and his cheerful disposition steadfast no matter the situation. Even in his last days his dignity and wonderful sense of humour were ever present. Scott had a passion for military history and his knowledge of our traditions was incredible. He was a fount of information and support for numerous Commanding Officers’ and Regimental Sergeants Major over his 37 years of service to Canada, including his time as RSM of 32 CBG Battle School and RSM of 32 Service Battalion. He will be deeply missed.

Our attention now turns towards supporting Scott’s family, his friends and each other. Further details will be forthcoming on a service at Moss Park Armoury, in keeping with his wishes. The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada is a united, strong and resilient family. As RSM Patterson would expect of us, we will lean on each other for comfort and support in the coming days and get through this together.

On behalf of Riflemen everywhere, RSM Martin and I would like to send our most sincere condolences to his family and friends in their hour of need. We hope it is of some comfort to know that you are not grieving alone.

Goodbye Mr. Patterson: we are better soldiers for having served with you and better people for having known you. Rest in peace.

Sandi Banerjee
Lieutenant Colonel
Commanding Officer

Scott was also a volunteer at the Regimental Museum and a font of knowledge regarding regimental history.  We will miss him very much.

7 thoughts on “CWO Scott F. Patterson CD”

  1. I had the great honour of knowing Paddy but, more importantly I knew him as a good friend. I remember well when Paddy & Dave Keenan came to the QOR as part of the CMA Special Unit and, formed the Airborne Company of the QOR in Toronto.

    Both Paddy and Dave were great guys but…..very cheeky and cocky. I came to admire and trust them both and, Paddy & I were shocked when Dave died very suddenly

    Shortly after I was appointed RSM in 1980 I had the opportunity of promoting Paddy to Sgt. He never let me forget that act. On various occasions when,we served together and, even after we had move on he never let me forget. Sometimes we would have disagreements and, when I was RSM and I gave him hell over something…he looked at me with that little smile of his and would say “I can’t be wrong…otherwise you would never have promoted me to Sgt”. I would break apart and laugh and the tension or issue was forgotten.

    At this time, I would like to publicly thank Heather & Phil Tenkortnar. They, because of their special friendship with Paddy, likely did more
    than anyone to ease Paddy’s final days and hours. My admiration for them both knows no bounds.

    I know that Paddy went to his final rest knowing how deeply Heather & Phil and, all of the Queen’s Own Family cared for him. But, they were truly his best friends in every sense that the word “friend” means.

    As Gail & I are out of the Country and, won’t be able to make the funeral and celebration of Paddy’s life on Saturday February 20th it doesn’t mean that our thoughts are not with Paddy and our QOR Family and, extended other Toronto Garrison friends such as Capt Dave Newton & BGen Gary Stafford (former RSM’s of the Royals) and so many other friends and family from far and wide who are grieving for Paddy today.

    Last weekend, Vic Dalnechenko;Johhn Drygala & his wife Gail along with my wife Gail & I had a celebration of Paddy’s life hosted by Heather Tenkortnar’s Mom & Dad at their home in Maple Leaf Village in Port Charlotte Florida.

    I also send my condolences to my friend Brian Patterson and his family, (Paddy’s brother). Brian, he is in a better place which, hopefully, he and, the rest of us will get together at some distant date and kick up helll!!!

    The ache of Paddy’s passing will stay with us for a long time. It’s very often so difficult to say goodbye to an old friend. So, how do you do it? I think that as long as you have faith in the almighty, it’s so not difficult to do. For as long as any of us keeps Paddy in our thoughts, be it family or friends, he will never die. As long as we laugh at the outrageous things he did and how he touched us….he will never die.

    That, all of us feel a great and personal sense of loss, is a tribute to the impact he had on our lives and,in so doing, how he impacted and enriched our lives and,made us better for having known him.

    Good night, old friend…….Sleep well!


    Major (Re’td) Harry McCabe, MMM, CD
    RSM QOR, 1980 -1985


  2. CWO Patterson was a kind and dignified gentleman. It was a pleasure to work with and serve with him. His intimate knowledge and concern for every member of the Regimental Family was profound. His sense of humor was both swift and intelligent. I enjoyed his company and counsel. He will be missed. RIP

    Martin J. Delaney


  3. Rest in peace my friend. Your fight is over but you have left a lasting legacy in all those you have touched in the Regiment, it’s soldiers and me. You have served with dignity, compassion and kindness and were an example of selflessness to all who knew you, and there were many. Farewell.


  4. Scott and my husband, Kevin, grew up on the same street. Scott attended our wedding in 1994. When he learned that my father had been in the R.E.M.E. in the 1940s and 50s, he went to the trouble of finding a few pieces of memorabilia for me that I now treasure in memory of my dad.

    I only met him a few times, but was struck by what a generous, good-humoured kind-hearted man he was. Thank you, Scott. May the Good Lord welcome you into his kingdom, where you belong.

    Kathleen Mortensen


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