New Museum Committee Appointed

A new Regimental Museum Committee was appointed at the May 25, 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Regimental Trust Fund consisting of:

  • Lieutenant Colonel John Fotheringham (Chair)
  • Major Anthony I. W. Schultz (Member & Trust Fund President)
  • Captain Adam A. Hermant (Member & Trust Fund Past President)
  • Mr. Jim Lutz (Member)
  • Major John Stephens (Curator & Ex-Officio Member)
  • Chief Warrant Officer Shaun Kelly (Assistant Curator & Ex-Officio Member)

John Fotheringham has (uniquely) served as Commanding Officer of the QOR on two separate occasions. He has been responsible on behalf of the Trust, for initiating and updating QOR memorials throughout the world, a member of the Regimental Museum Committee and is also a Director of the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy. We look forward to his leadership in this new role.

We would also like to extend our thanks to outgoing Chair, Lieutenant Colonel Rob Zeidler who has served for a number of years, and in particular for his efforts during the transition between Curators, and the transition of Casa Loma operators from the Kiwanis Club of Toronto, to the City of Toronto, to the Liberty Entertainment Group. We wish Rob the best as he undertakes some new projects for the regimental family!


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