04143 QOR of C Baseball Team Sep 1945

04143 – The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Baseball Team September 1945
Canadian Army Champions and Canadian Armed Forces Champions
(Click the photo for team member names)

Left to right:

3rd Row: Rfn J. H. Smith; Sgt A. Maynard; Rfn J.S. McGrath; Rfn H. Aussem; Rfn Richardson; Rfn Moore; Rfn H. Hughes (Trainor); Rfn A. buchowsky

2nd Row: Rfn R. Park; Rfn D. McCartney; Lt Col S.M. Lett; Sgt A. Irvine; Maj H.E. Dalton; Rfn R. Roche; Rfn D. Adam; Rfn A. Spaziani

Front Row: Rfn M.W. Dubell; Rfn J. Syrek; Capt D. Hamilton (Manager); Sgt J. Bland; Rfn A. Barnes

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