March 4, 2004 – QOR 60th Company troops await pickup by a Royal Canadian Air Force CH-146 Griffon from 400 Squadron at Fort Drum, New York.

Sunday March 7, 2004
Fort Drum NY
60th Company soldiers conduct rehearsals for the air mobile portion of the Exercise with CH-146 Griffons from 400 Squadron from CFB Borden. Exercise PEGASUS STALKER saw over 200 reservists form 32 Canadian Brigade Group form a company group conduct Operations in Built Up Areas (OBUA) training. The Exercise Scenario included insertion from Helicopters, provided 400 Tactical Squadron, followed by a company assualt on the Miltary Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) site complete with civilian wondering the battle field. 60th Company of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada had its ranks filled with infanteers from the Royal Regiment of Canada, 48th Highlanders of Canada and the Queen’s York Rangers. The company was supported with attachments from 7 Toronto Regiment, which provided a Forward Observation and Forward Air Controller Detatchment, an Engineer section from 2 Field Enginner Regiment and Medics from 25 Field Ambulance.
Photo by Sergeant Peter Hartwig 32 CBG Public Affairs

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