Announcing our QOR Regimental Museum YouTube Channel

youtube_logo_stacked-vfl225ZTxThe Queen’s Own Rifles Regimental Museum recently launched our new YouTube Channel  which is a great place for us to share digital versions of regimental film clips in our archives. So far we’ve uploaded eight clips from D-Day landing footage to the History of the QOR on its 140th Anniversary!

Two things:

Firstly visit our channel and check out the footage uploaded to date. If you enjoy the videos you watch, help us raise our YouTube profile by clicking the “LIKE” button (the thumbs up logo) at the bottom left of each video!  And while you’re there we also encourage you to click the “SUBSCRIBE” button which means YouTube will tell you whenever we upload a new video clip.

Secondly we invite you to share any film clips you have with us so that we can include them in our museum archives and add them to our channel. Footage doesn’t have to be WWII or the 50/60’s to be part of our regimental history so please take some time to contact us if you have something that you think would be (or aren’t sure if it would be) what we’re looking for. Obviously video of training or jumps or formal parades is all pretty obviously a yes 🙂  You can contact the museum at and we can figure out how best to facilitate sharing your footage with us.

A Preview

If you haven’t already seen one of our most historic clips, check out this footage taken from a landing craft at Juno Beach as the QOR head on to the beach. Then check out the rest of the clips we’ve uploaded on our site – and we have more to upload over the coming weeks and months!



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