Why is the Museum at Casa Loma?

Sir-Henry-Pellatt-Casa-LomaCasa Loma was the former estate of Major General Sir Henry Pellatt, CVO  (January 6, 1859 – March 8, 1939) a prominent Toronto financier, industrialist and military man. Travels in Europe gave him the love for fine art and architecture that would spur his vision of Casa Loma, his “house on the hill,” which took three years and $3.5 million to build in the early 1900s.

This romantic side was uniquely juxtaposed by his other lifelong passion: his involvement with The Queen’s Own Rifles. Sir Henry, who joined The Queen’s Own as a rifleman in the 1870s, was knighted in 1905 for his military service with The Regiment, upon which he spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Regiment’s band was often engaged to entertain guests at the castle. In 1910, at his own expense, to mark The Regiment’s 50th anniversary, Sir Henry took the entire 600 man regiment – including its horses – to England for military exercises from 13 August to 3 October. The museum, filled with memorabilia relating to the Regiment, dating as far back as the date of its formation in 1860 and its involvement in every military action undertaken by Canada since then, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

3 thoughts on “Why is the Museum at Casa Loma?”

  1. Good afternoon
    I am the daughter of ALAN MacDonald Campbell who was an officer in QOR. His picture is on the wall in Casaloma. He recently died (June 3/2019) and am going through memoribilia he kept from the 1st Hassars, 1st Canadian Parachute Batallion (British 6th Airborne) and found some pictures with him greeting Princess Alexandra at the 100th?? Anniversary for the QOR and also one in Germany. I have several buttons and badges that I have no use for and I am sure he would like it if the museum could see fit to display. Can you advise if I could come meet and show you what he kept. He was a very very proud Officer and this would make him happy to know you could display.
    Thanks for consideration and contact
    Cydney Kamping (Campbell)

  2. I was a proud member of The Queen’s Own Rifles, 3rd Bat., University Ave Armouries, Toronto. It was my first unit, and always makes me proud to say that. The training; the comrades; the values which I learned there in my youth, have been with me throughout my life. I rarely visit Toronto now, but I will definitely make an effort to visit this museum – SA-Lute !

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