83rd Battalion QOR CEF

83rd Battalion (Queen’s Own Rifles) CEF

  • 83rd Battalion Badge
    Badge of the 83rd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force

    Inscription on Badge: 83 – Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada – Overseas Battalion

  • Mobilization Authorized: August 4, 1915
  • Trained:
    • August 19, 1915 to October 30, 1915 – Niagara Camp
    • November 5, 1915 to April 25, 1916 – Riverdale Barracks, Toronto
  • Embarked: April 28, 1916 at Halifax – S.S. Olympia
  • 83rd Battalion Nominal Roll and 1st Reinforcement Draft
  • Disembarked: May 6, 1916 at Liverpool
  • Training Camp: West Sandling, England
  • Disposition: Principal drafts to 3rd Battalion, 4th and 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles.
  • Disbanded: June 4, 1917
  • Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Reginald Pellatt (QOR of C)
  • Strength on leaving Canada – 35 officers, 1,085 other ranks; previous draft sent on September 25, 1915: 5 officers, 250 other ranks
  • Perpetuation: May 1, 1920 (GO 66/20)
83rd Battalion CEF at Niagara-on-the-late in 1915 – Archives Canada photo

19 thoughts on “83rd Battalion QOR CEF”

  1. I believe that I have identified a man, William Turley, who is standing tenth in from the left, in the front row of the “other ranks” of the second company in the panoramic photo of the 83rd Overseas Bn. Would it be safe to believe that the second company from the left would be Company “B”? I have looked through the pdf of the battalion roll call, but the company of each man is not indicated. I am actually trying to identify the man to William’s right (ninth in from the left, in the front row). This man appears to have changed his name right after the war. I believe that he was brought to Canada under the “Home Child” program for orphans and disadvantaged children. William was unfortunately killed during the Canadian attack on Fresnoy in early May, 1917. His mysterious friend survived the war and worked as a professional chauffeur. Perhaps he got his experience operating and/or maintaining motor vehicles.


    1. Bruce – I’m afraid we can’t confirm whether the company from the left is indeed B Company. I wish we had more information which we could give you for your research but wish you all the best.


  2. Bought a Smith&Wesson 455 Marked on butt RP 83QOR. believe it to have belonged to Lt Col Reginald Pellatt. Gun is in new condition.
    Question.. Any chance the serial number of his pistol is recorded any where? Thanks in advance.


  3. Hi , Any information about Harrison B Williams Q.O.R served WW1 ?
    He was from Walpole Island Ontario Canada. So much history on this site. Great to have and learn from.


  4. Looking for information regarding William John Palmer, 83rd Battalion born 1893. Do pictures of these men exists and if so any clues on where to make a request. Thank you.


  5. My great uncle was in the 83rd Battalion in WWl and was wounded on August 11, 1918. Can you tell me what battle the 83rd was in on August 11 1918. I am going to France and Belguim next week and would like to visit the area where he fought


    1. The 83rd was disbanded and supplied other regiments with troops before 1918, thus, your great uncle would have been fighting with another regiment…say, for example, the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles…you will need to search his name and find out which regiment it was, then you can trace the movements of that regiment.


    2. Just returned from France and Belgium with visits to many sites. I was unable to track my great uncles unit and where they fought. There is an excellent historical research office in the museum in Ypres (Leper) but they were unable to provide much assistance except to search the unit diaries of the 83rd. Can you help with this


      1. Thomas – You haven’t provided your great uncles name so its hard to help except to suggest check for his service record at Library and Archives Canada: http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/search.aspx

        The digitization project has been going on for some time (alphabetically) but isn’t complete yet. If you can find his service record, then you can figure out what battalion he actually fought with in Europe and check the battalion war diaries which could help to narrow down locations he fought in.


    3. I am researching the military records of my grandparents… Captain Richard Alexander Thomson… He was gassed at Ypres and met my Grandmother, Gladys Herod while recovering in hospital in France or England (?). I believe Gladys went over either with the CEF or shortly after as a nurse. She is from the 1st nursing graduating class at Wellesley Hospital in Toronto. I do have a copy of my grandmother’s enlistment papers. Can you direct me somewhere to look.


  6. Is there any way I can be sent or purchase a copy of the 83rd Battalion gathered on the steps (WWI) on the website? My great grandfather Roy Kallar will be in the shot, but I can’t see the photo close enough…


  7. Is there any possibility of including the nominal rolls of this unit? I realize this might be a bit of a task.

    Just wondering


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