Battle of Ridgeway Provincial Heritage Plaque


Blue and gold Province of Ontario Heritage plaque in downtown Ridgeway.

Plaque Text:
“On June 1, 1866, Irish-American revolutionaries called Fenians invaded Canada as part of an attempt to strike at Britain and support the creation of an independent Irish republic. The next morning, Canadian militiamen from the Queen’s Own Rifles, the 13th Battalion and the York and Caledonia rifle companies, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Booker, arrived here by train before marching on to battle the Fenian invaders. Contradictory orders and confusion on the battlefield coincided with a Fenian counterattack to cause the Canadians to withdraw. The Fenians retired to Fort Erie and returned to Buffalo that night. The Battle of Ridgeway shocked the country, spurring improvements to Canada’s defences and helping to bolster the Confederation movement.”

In the Village of Ridgeway, on the east side of Ridge Road North
2 and a half blocks south of Dominion Road

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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